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  • Updated: 30th April 2024

  • Best times to call our helpdesk

    • Before you call us, check our FAQs here.
    • Our helpdesk is busy handling lots of calls from police officers.
    • Mornings (8am -11am) are always very busy so do try and call us after 11am. We are open until 5pm each day (Monday – Friday).
    • You can email us a question at We aim to be in touch within 5 days.

    Try the McCloud Remedy Pension Calculator

    • The Remedy pension calculator has been designed by NPCC to help serving officers about to retire to calculate their pension benefit options under the McCloud Remedy. It’s quick and easy to use and highly accurate. In fact, the Met’s internal pension team have tested it and believe it’s accurate enough for you to plan for your retirement.
    • You can use the calculator to estimate your pension, even if you’re not close to your retirement date.
    • Click here for the NPCC Remedy calculator.

    Visit the NPCC Remedy Website

    The NPCC has set up a website to update and inform all police officers about the McCloud Remedy. It's packed full of useful information about Remedy as well as lots of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Click here to go to the NPCC Remedy website.